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Team Registration

FUSS - Fun Unique Simple Support
"3 Steps to Success" Team Building System
ONLY for Jerky Direct Distributors in the Super6Power Team downline
Register your Jerky Direct Username

Step 3: Tourcode Registration!!

To use our FUSS "3 Steps to Success" marketing system, 
you must first have completed Step 2: Join Jerky Direct!
Then you may continue here to REGISTER
your Jerky Direct username as your Super6Power tourcode.


You'll Get access to...
  • Web Tour Invitation Page - Invite your prospects
  • Team Support Center - Team Registeration
  • Member Support Center - Secure "Team" Office
  • Weekly Power Calls - Leader Training - Q&A

* You must have joined Jerky Direct BEFORE filling out the Super6Power Team Registration form on the right.
* Use your own Jerky Direct username on the first line.
* Your Team Sponsor is the person whose Web Tour you took and/or your Jerky Direct sponsor.
* The password for access to Member Support Center should NOT be your Jerky Direct password.
* Add any comments you wish in the bottom box.
Once your Team Registration is approved:
(May take 24 - 72 hours...please be patient!)
* You will receive access to our S6PT password-protected Member Support Center.
* You will also receive access to your personalized Tour Invitation page(s) which invites your visitor to take our informative Team Web Tour. Simply promote your name and tourcode to those you invite - even if using your personalized invitation page - and, whenever your visitor needs to insert them  into a form, you will be notified that you have a Tour Guest.
If you have trouble understanding the instructions on this page,
please feel free to
contact us.
Look for our eMail in 24 - 48 hours

U.S.A. Residents Only


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